The Land Under The Navigable Waterway May Not Be Sold, Traded, Or Given To Permit” The Phosphate Industry Officials To Alter Navigable Waterways To Build A Phosphate Plant.

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Skyriver CEO Faheema Mohamed said: We have been looking at all kinds of alternatives to tackling the issue of water shortages. This technology has been around in some form for 5,000 years so it got us thinking lets bring it to this region. In simple terms, we are harvesting the purest drinking water from thin air. No need for bottles, no plastic, no chemicals. This is water in its purest form. The units designed for homes produce up to 20 litres of water per day, while our biggest units, designed for industrial use, can make up to 10,000 litres of drinking water in 24 hours. And the best part is, the water stays fresh. The filtering system even clears out the bad air, so there is no issue with airborne germs even if people are coughing and sneezing around the machine. You could even have a car engine running next to it and not have to worry. One of the UAEs biggest banks, Emirates NBD, has signed up with Skyriver to provide four-year, interest-free payments for buyers of its machines.

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